Thursday, January 31, 2008

And so it begins

Here we are. Post number 1. So the thought behind this blog is to do a few things. First and foremost will be a level of accountability. I will try to post my results weekly and try to use those results to figure out where I am going wrong and what I am doing right. The second will be to hopefully share my experience with people in the same predicament that I am in. I have found that too few men share their issues with weight loss and while I have found a few out there I would like to ad my opinion to the mix and if I can help steer someone else in a good direction then that would be a huge bonus. Third and probably inspired by a blog I just found ( will be to share with you what I am cooking and if it is edible.

So I am sure you would like a little background information on me. I am 34 years old and as of a mid January visit to the doc for a sinus infection I tipped the scales at 400 lbs. I only wish I were kidding. At 6 ft 3 in my ideal body weight would be around 200 lbs. I am not sure what is realistic. I passed 200lbs in 8th grade I think. I was 285ish when I graduated high school and I look back at those pictures and I look skinny back then. So how did I get here? I love food. I am not a fan of fast food but up until 2 weeks ago I ate it 5 times a week. I am certain that I over eat. I also love beer. So what did I try to do about it? Not a lot really. My normal diets in the past have been completely unsuccessful. I would go in and do decent (not even good) for about a week and cave in and decide that I need the junk food I continually poison my body with. Now what am I going do? I saw that number on the scale and I was scared, heartbroken, embarrassed and ashamed all at once. So I decided that this time I had to do it I had to succeed or else I would not be around in a few years. Death is rather sobering. The thought of not being around for your child is unbearable. So this time I am going down this path and I will not turn back. My alternative right now is one of the 2 surgeries (Lap-Band or Gastric Bypass) to keep me from eating too much. I have no problem with people who have chosen to do this. In fact if not for insurance I may already be signed up and on the list. However after a closer examination I do not feel like I have given anything a realistic try and I also love food to much to say that on 1 or 2 days during the month I cannot indulge a bit. That said. I have a goal in my head of 25 pound weight loss before I allow myself that indulgence.

So now it is off to weight watchers. It feels a bit weird being a guy doing this but I am at my wits end and need help. I have been doing pretty well this past week but I cannot fail this time. I will post again tonight and let you know how my registration and first meeting went.