Thursday, February 25, 2010

I lost.

Lost in a good way.  Looks like the shock to the system was a good thing.  Back on track and following points.  Well that and the fact that I removed my shoes for my weigh-in, in addition to wearing slightly lighter clothes.

I was able to recognize a scale loss of 11.6 lbs.  I am pretty damn excited.  I am feeling a bit better just over a week in. Heartburn is gone.  I have a bit more energy.  I even am noticing a bit of a difference in my asthma.

So a good week for sure and I have kept on truckin.  Now I just need to get to the gym and really give my body the kick in the ass that it needs.

Sorry for the short post.  I will try to get you guys something good tomorrow.  Till then.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Oh my early morning

So I worked till about 8:30 or so last night and then because of the software installation we did I felt the need to be back in the office at 6:15 to make sure the early morning crowd was supported properly.  Let me just tell you that 5:00 am is very early for me.  I had a hard time getting out of bed. 

So here I am this morning, peach yogurt and diet coke firmly in hand waiting for the caffeine to kick in. 

This brings up a question for the viewing audience.  When do you prefer to work out?  I was a early morning guy before.  I am not sure I will be this time around.  I am curious to hear when you work out and why you choose that time.

Have a great day y'all

Monday, February 22, 2010

A question from the viewing audience and The weekend that was

Jacinda asked: I am interested in how many times/amount of time per day you worked out, I'm trying to get a feel for what should be "required" for weight loss.

Well when I was working out and not training for the 5k I ran I was going about 3-4 times a week.  I would do about 45 - 60 minutes on the elliptical and then do a quick run through the weight machines trying to concentrate for on my weak upper body for 2 days a week and then lower for 1.  The logic there was that my legs were getting a good workout carrying my fat butt around.

I will say this.  Start slow and work your way up.  I remember how good I felt when I was eating right and exercising.  I had energy to spare.  That said I cannot just jump right back in.  When I get back on the exercise train I will have to start all over again.  That means 5 minutes on an elliptical and working up from there.

So the weekend was full of challenges.  We went out Friday night to celebrate my Dads birthday.  To a Mexican restaurant.  So I get this dish with grilled chicken, onions and peppers over rice.  I did my best to lay off the rice and did a decent job.  It was a stir fry kinda Saturday with stir fry for lunch and dinner. Sunday rolls around and breakfast out with my friends and half my points gone.  But it was a late breakfast so it ended up working out as best it could.  A tame dinner and some late night carrots.

It is getting easier again.  I am still very hungry by the time I eat.  My body is reacting much like it did the last time I did this, and only now am I recalling that when my body gets dramatically less calories it needs to be fed more frequently. 

I am pretty excited about my weigh in tomorrow and while I am excited to see a loss I am more excited that I feel a bit better.  I feel more clear if that makes sense.  I have less of the afternoon yawns.  I have not chewed up a pepcid since day1 (part 2)  that in itself is a big deal.

More pre-weigh in coverage tomorrow.  

Friday, February 19, 2010

Lets back up a bit

So as I embark on the journey all over again I thought it important to ask a few questions.
  • How was I successful last time around
  • How did I fail last time around
  • What can I do differently this time
All meaningful questions that I am not sure I have the answers to.  However I am going to do my best.

How was I successful last time around?

Well this may be the easiest of all the questions.  What made me successful in weight loss was that I ate clean for the most part and managed to exercise regularly. Those are to huge pieces.  I also kept a journal of my progress through the blog and kept track of what I ate through the WW website. And finally I managed to get more sleep.  The eating right thing came somewhat easy.  I almost always ate breakfast, had fruit and vegetables for snacks, and then had a salad with grilled chicken for lunch.  I would end up with some lean meat a veggie and a small amount of some starch for dinner.  Maybe some frozen fruit as a snack.  Exercise came much less easy.  That is the one routine that is so easy to break.  Going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week or running 3 times a week is fine when you are in the routine or you are training for something but you break it for a week and you might not want to head back.

How did I fail last time around?

This is the hardest, or at least much more difficult.  In this case many answers could be correct.  What might true for me may not be for you.  I think though that it started with a let down in my consistent exercise.  Or maybe I was exercising enough and my eating habits had failed.  Or maybe it was both.  I think probably one thing that happened was that I continued to work out and started to change my diet.  I was maintaining and doing okay, but I was not losing weight.  Then I stopped working out.  You can guess what happened.  My weight went right back up.  My eating habits got worse and worse.  It all has a domino affect.  For instance.  I was getting enough sleep because I was going to be earlier so I could wake up and go work out.  Then I stopped working out so I started staying up late.  It is all excuses I know but maybe If I can identify the things that lead to failure before maybe I can succeed this time.

What can I do differently?

Also tough.  And this might be something I have to figure out as I go.  I know whatever my decision it needs to be permanent.  I cannot have this be a year long thing, or a until I get below 300 thing.  It has to be something I do forever.  If that just means I make sure to walk every week and eat right, than that is great.  I think a big thing might be to attempt to not over indulge in some of the things I love.

I am open to all suggestions.  I think where I might start is to read my blog again.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wow and maybe a food find

First off I was stoked that my Tigers rolled on Texas last night.  So much fun to watch.  Equally as fun though was watching Shaun White on the halfpipe.  Holy crap that dude is just nails.  He is just so much better than everyone else in his sport.  His airs are bigger, his tricks are better, his landings are cleaner, and then you listen to this kid speak.  He is just the right blend of humble and cocky.  He wants to win no doubt but he loves the other people in his sport and does not disparage them.  He just seems like a good kid how is better than anyone else at what he does and he absolutely loves it.

So this does not tie into weight loss really, I realize that.  I can however claim a small victory.  I ate frozen fruit last night while watching all those sports.  Normally that is a beer and chips kinda night. 

So today is starting off well.  Egg on toast for breakfast and salad with grilled chicken with Hendricksons salad dressing for lunch.  If you have not tried Hendricksons and you live near St Louis or in Kansas City you should check it out.  All natural and relatively low cal.  Oh and really yummy.  You can check them out here.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And we have digits

Oh how those digits can deflate and demoralize us, but it was about as I expected.  391.6.  I do however have a confession to make.  I wore a sweater, and did not remove my shoes.  I know, I know, it is kinda cheating when I wear lighter clothes next week, but I am going with the I need a confidence boost thing. 

So more about last night.  The meeting was... well... a WW meeting.  Lots of people looking nervous, a few people who looked like they really do not need to be there.  And then the talk about eating out and having a plan and that sorta stuff.  It was all so familiar.

One thing I wish more leaders would do is be more of a hard ass.  Tell it like it is.  More like this.  Back in the day when I did all this before there was a woman at the meeting droning on about the points in grapes.  The leader turned and looked at her and said "Eat all the grapes you want, you didn't get here (weight watchers) on grapes"  Oh that cracks me up.  It is so true. 

So I did have a super healthy dinner last night.  An omelet with red peppers and onions and spinach and a bit of 2% cheese.  Then had some frozen fruit for dessert.

I guess I forgot how much you can stuff your face when you make good choices.

Today however I was presented with my first challenge.  Italian was delivered in for lunch.  All that carby deliciousness.  I had a small piece of lasagna, a salad with some italian dressing, and a piece of garlic toast.  I had small portions, and I am hungry.  Virtually no protein and very little fiber.  That my friends is a recipe for disaster.  Luckily the day is drawing to a close and I will go home and make some dinner soon.

Thanks for commenting y'all.  I appreciate the encouraging words.

Next step.  Get back to the gym.  Oh and stop drinking diet coke.  It is indeed the devil.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From 400 to 292 and back again. Almost.

Well since Feb of 2009.  I guess I have been absent.  I shut this blog down.  I was embarrassed.  I blogged so confidently back then.  Friends and family read this page and I felt like a fraud. 

Here it is one year later, nearly to the day, and I am back.  I am hoping to stay this time.  I am heading back to WW tonight.  I am thinking I am at about 385.  I have gained back nearly all I lost.  I had to go back and buy more clothes.  It is a sad state of affairs.  I can tell you I am more aware of my health this time around.  I feel tired all the time, my knees kill me, my asthma is back and worse than before.  Headaches, yep got em.  Could be the caffeine, could be the crappy diet.  My mood is not great.  I have nearly reverted all the way back to the less confident guy who tried to make people laugh to gain acceptance.  I make fun of my own weight.

I digress.

So I had a yogurt this morning for breakfast and am going to have a sandwich for lunch, no mayo, no cheese.  Similar to what I used to do.  As I recall I do need to eat more in the morning in order to feel better throughout the day

For now I am back and I am going to try.  Stay tuned I will post my official weigh-in by this time tomorrow.  Hopefully along with a new post.

For those of you who may stumble across this.  Thanks for taking to time.  I missed you.