Thursday, May 20, 2010

Water Water more Water

Just so you all know I did go for that walk.  Unfortunately I did not follow that up with a walk the following day. 

So we begin yet again.  Or at at least continue to climb the same mountain that I was climbing before.  It seemed easy before.  It seemed like nothing could slow me down and I would make it to a goal weight and be happy and live there forever.

The that bitch reality came by and slapped me in the face.  This is not an easy process, and I need to stay constantly vigilant.  Basically I need a new plan of attack, or at least a tweaked plan of attack.

So over the past few days I have been weening myself from the diet coke and moving back to water.  Water water water.  I forgot what it feels like to have a full bladder all day.  It is an old and oddly comforting feeling.  I will begin to track my food intake and make some better decisions.

I would like to ask a question of you folks out there who still happen to read.

When you run across that Friday night out, do you indulge a bit but not too much?  Do you indulge and then just work harder the next day? 

The reason I ask is because I went all out last time and hardly ever had that indulgence.  I was Hard Core.  I was alot like Tony P.  Who I wish I was more like.  I understand his stance when in comes to indulgence.  I am just wondering what everyones stance is.

Thanks guys.