Thursday, February 5, 2009

Pound for Pound Challenge.

Pound For Pound Challenge - I took the pledge to lose weight and help feed those in need - JOIN ME!

OK this is the official announcement.

Please join me in the Biggest Loser Pound for Pound challenge.  Click the link above and sign up for the challenge.  Then come back here and sign up for my challenge.

What is my challenge you ask.  So glad you did.

Let me know how much weight in pounds you intend to lose by May 5th in the comments.  Then once May 5 rolls around let me know how you did.  I will donate 10cents for every pound lost by you guys to Harvesters

So sign up both places and give some people who do not have the means a little help.

As I mentioned before I am trying to lose 30 pounds by may 5th with a starting weight of 306.  Unfortunately I have already gone in the wrong direction.  So I will just have to work harder.

Other who have already signed up

Stages of Change is in for 80 pounds!
Rosie at Diet Soda Diva is in for 20!
An Anonymous person plans to lose 20! (shoot me an email and I will keep you Anonymous)  :-)
Octavialuna has pledged 20!

That is a total of 140 so far. 

Come on folks!  Make me pay!


TB--Milwaukee said...

Really not planning on losing much, but I don't want to gain either!!

Mickey said...

By May 5? 24 pounds!

Farsy said...

15 pounds here! :)


TJ said...

I'm in!

15# by May 5th

Renee said...

count me in 30lbs by may 5th

USJogger said...

I'm not here to pledge to lose weight (although I could stand to lose some). I'm here to thank you for joining the FFFK. See you at the virtual starting line!

kc said...

What a great idea!

I'm in for 15 lbs.

maggieapril said...

Generous idea. Looks like May 5th is 12-ish weeks from now. So I will commit to 9 pounds. Of course, I reserve the right to lose more than that. ;)

Sharon said...

Oh wow, that is so awesome! Best of luck!

John said...

I'm in for 20 by Memorial Day.

Mary - A Merry Life said...

I'm in for 20.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I can't join the official program as I'm outside the US but I'll join you for 15!

jen said...

I signed up a while ago for the P4P challenge - I think it is so cool.

From what start date do you want to know the poundage we would like to lose by May 5th? I signed up at the P4P challenge on Dec. 15th and would like to lose 30 pounds between 12/15/08 and May 5, 2009.

I have about 21 pounds to go.

Anonymous said...

Hi Im anonymous you can put me down as Star

Paul said...

Interesting idea.

Put me down for 15 pounds!

Kimberly said...

I'm in for 25.

What an awesome idea!

Lee (Getting Fit) said...

Ten pounds lighter by Cinco De Mayo!

Archie Miller said...

Thanks for doing this. Great cause. I signed up at P4P and will join you for 10 lbs. for May 5th.

- Archie