Thursday, December 4, 2008

Claw marks on the wagon

First I want to thank you guys for your supportive comments yesterday. My readers, lurkers or not are so supportive. I really feel like am friends with you all.

The claw marks I spoke of are from me trying to get back on the wagon. I will say that I wrote everything down yesterday. I also did great till I got home. Most of the bad stuff has been removed from the house. BUT... I ordered a taco pizza for dinner last night. Genius! Oh and before that I had a whole bunch of the french's dried onion things you put on top of green bean casserole. Also some marshmallows. Basically anything in sight. I was not even that hungry. Thank goodness Carrie stopped me at three slices. I was ready to dig in for more. Tonight the pizza goes in the trash.

So 62 points later I was done! Hole crap 62 points? yep 62! It is what it is. At least I wrote it all down.

So today is a new day. Starting off with water rather than Diet Coke. I am sure some of you understand what a undertaking that is all by itself. I am enjoying some mixed fruit for breakfast. I have to tell you that I really enjoy the frozen fruit for a snack or breakfast. Let face it. I did not get to 400lbs on fruit it would take an act of god to over do it on fruit. Plus it is wildly nutritious. See:


I pick this up at Sam's club in a big bag for about 8.50 for a 6 lb bag and it lasts just about a week. Like I said it is a really good evening snack. ( I know I know, this is coming from the guy who indulged on chips and dip 2 nights ago)

So there you have it. I am going to at least post a recap of my previous day so you guys can give me the swift kick in the butt that I need.

I almost forgot to share this. That would be my boy on the gong!


Tena said...

I am a new "lurker" but I wanted to say - Wow! You have really lost some weight!! I will be reading more of your blog and some of the old entries so I can follow your success. And you will be successful! Don't beat yourself up so much. Speaking from experience, if you had a small gain in the last few months, that is a victory in itself. Hang in there!

Kristy said...

Hey to your blog via SuperDave's.

First off, congratulations on the amazing weight loss so far! You must have been doing a bunch of stuff really right to have accomplished that.

So, as you pull yourself up onto the wagon again, try to remember what those things were. Sounds like a good idea - the fruit in the morning. I'm a big fan of morning smoothies. Sounds like your body is withdrawing from a junk food overload. Hang in there, it will pass soon.

What's your exercise plan? I know that is one of the biggest factors for me in whether I lose or not.

I wish you all the best in the coming day/week/month, and look forward to reading about your successes.

Adult Weight Loss Camp said...
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SuperDave said...

I battling this binging right with ya. I don't know what it is to get us back in the right frame of mind(and stomach), but I hope that we get there soon.
Your son had the best instrument there!! Kids are great!
Stay cool..

42at42 said...

Two Tim Horton donuts for me tonite. This is a deadly week for us warriors.

Keep fighting!

Twice the Man said...

life is not about never falling down, its about how quickly you get back up

Tamzin said...

bah! You have shamed me out of lurking! and I had only just started.