Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Facing facts

Here we are.  Just after the first of the year and it has been a difficult several months.  I experienced a weight loss plateau at exactly the wrong time.  Nearing the end of the year I just lost all motivation.  I lost all will power.  And now I am finding that once you have lost it, it is very hard to get back.

So where am I at?  I gained 11 lbs in the course of 1 month and now I am trying to get back on track.  I need to rid the house of most all unhealthy items again.  The will power to say no to those foods is mostly gone.  I need to wake up in the morning and just go to the gym.  However that motivation that I once had is mostly gone.

Most importantly I need to continue on this journey.  I need the swift kick in the ass to tell me to get up off it and start moving again.  On Thanksgiving day I ran a 5k for crying out loud!

So looking back 2008 was a great year, lots of amazing things happened.  However I want to put the weight loss portion of 2008 behind me.  I was proud of what I did but that is in the past now and I have more work to do.  No more will I be complacent and say how I lost all this weight in a year.  I am focusing on 2009 now.

So lets set some goals shall we.

  • 5 visits to the gym per week (30 minutes of cardio minimum)
  • Today is the last diet coke of January.  No more till February, then only in extreme moderation
  • Follow the WW points.  It worked before.
  • Drink lots and lots of water.

Now for the good stuff

  • By April 1st weigh in at 275
  • 1 5k prior to April 1st
  • Duathlon April 11th - Long course 3 mile run and 15 mile bike
  • July 4th weigh in at 250
  • Steadily increase distance and get read for the Half marathon in October.
  • Return to the Turkey Trot a new man, Again.

OK I promise not to be so long, in fact I am going to get back to regularly scheduled blogging.  I am sure I have lost a lot of you but those of you who stuck around are going to be treated to an awesome 2009!



The Incredible Shrinking Family said...

You can do this ! Do not focus on the whole huge deal, but tell yourself with this moment, this breath, this meal only you will be perfectly on program. Then it is just a matter of repeat the moment over and over and over. For me it is always easier to just micromanage it moments , breaths and bites at a time, and then look in the rearveiw mirror and be amazed at how far I have come.

Matt @ The Church of No People said...

Hey Matt - I hopped onto your blog because one of my followers is also one of yours. I just gotta say, your blog is the real deal - real struggles, triumphs and inspiration. Best of luck in the new year in reaching your goals, and happy blogging!

Roder said...

Welcome back Matt!

Ripx180 said...

I hear you on the motivation... It comes and goes for me too. Following your list of things your gonna do will help bring it back. Nothing like loosing a few pounds to re-light that fire. Get the fire burning!!

paul said...

It's annoying how easy it is to fall out of a healthy routine, and just as frustrating how quickly the weight goes on. Good for you for trying to get yourself re-focused. Good luck!

Kathy said...

Everyone struggles with lack of motivation at some time; everyone gets discouraged during a plateau (don't let them tell you differently!); and everyone struggles at some time with getting back in stride. That's what is so wonderful about are not the only one! And that is also why January is so crowded at every weight loss group!
Your plan sounds great but don't be too hard on yourself! Do you have to give up the Diet Coke at the same time you're struggling to get back on track? Would you be more likely to stick to a plan that calls for going to the gym 3 times a week? Long term success does call for us to make changes, but we don't have to be extreme in order to win. Just think about it.

Stages of Change said...

Awesome that you are getting back on track man, the holidays have a knack for pushing us off track.

Just being where you are, and knowing where you started is a real inspiration to a guy like myself.

Thanks for the motivation, and good luck with the weeks goals, for the both of us!

Ron said...

Welcome Back Matt, looking forward to hearing about your progress!!

Will @ 4XLT said...

If I ever make it to KC, we're touring the Boulevard factory, eating barbeque, and then I will be your Will power and kick you in the ass (much like I will kick your ass for our January bet).

Got another, second bet for you. Check the email.

Tony said...

It's great to hear from you. Looks like you have everything planned out, way to go.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Just start going again. You'll feel great!

Joe said...

I hit the wall in December in regards to my weight loss goals. January is the time to refocus and rededicate our goals. The holidays are over.

MizFit said...

yay! Im getting treated :)

good goals. realistic and laid out to set you up for success.

remember to lean on us out here when you get tired or frustrated---thats what we're here for.

Boilergrad1993 said...

I'm SO there. I'm starting to crawl from under the wagon I fell off at Thanksgiving and boy is it tough!! Yesterday was the first time in a month and a half I got on the treadmill...that was TOUGH!! But you know what? When I got on it this evening, it was easier. Now I just need to deal with getting my eating back in line. Good Luck!!

South Beach Steve said...

Good luck to you!

john - from fat to fit said...

That's why it's called "confessions" Matt - thanks for baring your soul. And good luck in 2009!

SeaShore said...

You can do it. Most of us lose our motivation from time to time. As long as we keep trying, it will come back. One moment at a time. Failing that, fake it 'til you make it.

SuperDave said...

Did they kick you out of the dungeon?
I took me 3 months to get my eating back on track(I gained 8 lbs!), so I know how you feel. Today is the best time to refocus, right!?
You have a plan. That's a good place to start. You accomplished great things in 2008 and 2009 is just starting so you have lots of time to get moving again.
Stay out of that damn dungeon, Will ya!

Weight loss goals said...

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