Monday, January 19, 2009

Weigh in tomorrow - Not gonna be good

OK the birthday week is over and it is a darn good thing.  I think I have probably put on a pound or 2 but I am not to upset about it.  I had a good time and I am moving on.

I think that is the way we have to look at things.  Moving forward, always forward.

My exercise for the week was really pretty good.  I hit the gym twice and managed to ride almost 50 miles on my stationary bike over the course of 4 rides.  One ride I knocked out 20 miles.  It was hard, but I am calling this the beginning of training for the Duathlon.

Tonight I will hit the gym and then tomorrow morning I will get in a 22-15 mile ride in depending on how much time I have.  I am looking forward to this week and making good choices.

So here's to making better choices this week and getting in  some serious exercise.  It is time to kick butt and take names.  Lets get after it!


Graized said...

Hey Matt. I forgot to send ya a message when I first stumbled across your blog, but I'm from the other side of state line in KCK. I'm also "that guy at WW" at my Saturday morning meetings in Merriam (although there are occasionally a couple husbands here and there).

Anyhow, happy belated birthday and best of luck on your continued weight loss.

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great attitude!

Twice the Man said...

great miles done impressive! What resistance level do you do that at?

MizFit said...

it's today.
and you know what (although Im never a fan of the scale..more a pair of tryon jeans but thats a whole 'nother rant) weigh and move on.

I know you know that.

but birthdays come once a year and none of us are guaranteed another one!

glad you are keeping on with the exercise so diligently as well.


carla said...


all well there?

theantijared said...

How bad was it??

You haven't posted in like 5 years :)