Monday, January 12, 2009

Getting back on track is so hard.

Once you have fallen completely off the wagon it appears that you cannot flip a switch and get back into the swing of things.  This past two weeks has been full of highs and lows when it comes to living that healthy life that I want.  I eat great for a few days and end up blowing off the weekend.  I make it to the gym one day and then skip the next several.  I am not really beating myself up over this.  I am actually pretty pleased that I was able to make a start and get things going.  I canceled on gym membership for another and workouts begin at the new gym that is closer to home and less expensive.

So I blog this not to beat myself up, but more to record what is happening.  I think this way I can look back at this past month and realize that there are time when you are making the effort but breaking bad habits is difficult.  So I will continue to work on breaking those habits and move forward.

I hope you all had a great weekend.  I know I did!


paul said...

I find that the longer I'm away, the worse it gets, too.

Good luck getting back on track!

Stages of Change said...

Good luck getting back on track indeed. The one completely unsolicited piece of quasi advice I'll throw out (its something I've been thinking alot about lately in relation to how I might be able to remember it if I get off track at all) is simply that you can do it.

The more I grow in this process the more I realize that the times I struggled (better part of the last 14 years) I didn't really understand the power I had to change the situation. And I just want to always remember that if I get off track its because ive lost momentum, or whatever, the bottom line is that getting back on isnt actually any more difficult then it EVER is, its all in my perspective - which amazingly, wonderfully, I have power to change.

Anyway, clearly as much me writing down thoughts I've been having as attenpting to give advice.

I've enjoyed reading the old posts on your blog and your story so far is an inspiration.

Good luck this week, I hope its great for the both of us!

Joe said...

When your in the groove it seems so easy and theres no way you'll ever stumble. When you hit a speed bump though everything seems difficult. The only thing to do is to get back up and get back into that groove.

Andrew is getting fit said...

You'll find your mojo. Just take it one day at a time.

Weight Loss said...
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Ron said...

Always tough to get back in a good routine, keep at it and you will be back in a routine in no time

MizFit said...

" record what is happening"

I like that in the sense of IT IS WHAT IT IS.
no judgment.
just the facts ma'am.

want nudging? prodding? encouragement? that's what we are all here for and what YOU are there for *for yourself*

Magpie said...

You can do it! And while this may feel like a huge setback look at what you've accomplished in a year, it's quite impressive. :)