Friday, January 30, 2009

Review - Weight Watchers Whitman's Pecan Crowns

pecan clusters I was asked to review some new Weight Watchers candy by some of the people with Weight Watchers group.  I was given a choice of peanut butter cups and pecan crowns.  Well for me the choice was simple.  PECAN CROWNS!  I was thinking about Turtles and how much I love those and figured that these might be similar.  Not so much but not bad.

The pecan crowns are slightly larger than a quarter and are individually packaged.  I will tell you that they are not quite as good as Turtles, but they are still pretty darn tasty.  The milk chocolate on the outside is real and creamy.  There are plenty of pecans underneath and the caramel is perfect in firmness in my opinion, not to hard but not to gooey either.  So on to taste.

The chocolate and pecans were perfect and I had no complaints at all.  The caramel was not as sweet as I was expecting.  It had a bit of a coffee finish to it.  More like the caramel you find in Rienens.  So that would be my only complaint and really it is not so much a complaint as much as I was not expecting it.

Overall taste a appearance I give the product an A.  However I will tell you that these at 1 WW point per piece.  That's right a serving is one piece.  That leads us to age old problem when a serving size is not reasonable.  I think 3 pieces would be a more reasonable serving size, but that is my opinion.

So based on taste I say give these bad boys a go, but I urge you to exercise caution as with any thing like this it could be a trigger for you and before you know it your 1 point treat has turned into a 20 point debacle.


TB--Milwaukee said...

I haven't tried the candies, but I know the chocolate bars at the centers just seem to have a fake chocolaty taste. How was the texture? I think I'll be sticking to quality chocolate in moderation because as you stated, the one point treats tend to give me a license to eat more.

MizFit said...

I love ww candies.


outting myself. especially the butterscotch for some reason.

Ron said...

Dang, Perhaps WW should have someone review apples, or vegetables or something a little more healthy!

maggieapril said...

I would totally eat the whole bag. I was at a party last week and there were Girl Scout cookies there and needless to say, I gained this week.

Lynn said...

Just wanted to say that you have made awesome progress in a year...just awesome!