Monday, June 9, 2008


Well folks, this will be interesting. My weekend on the WW front was pretty much a complete bust. There was not binge eating, but there was binge drinking, and lets just say that I did not eat healthy all weekend. But honestly that this not my concern. My concern is this. I am down, way down. I ended up in an argument with my girlfriend about stupid stuff and I feel horrible about it. I ended up missing most of the concert and was pretty much just completely out of line.

This is the problem with all that. When I am depressed I tend to want to do two things. I want to sleep and I want to eat. This might be an interesting week or two. I will need to snap out of it, but it is not going to be today. It was a long weekend and I am exhausted.

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Kathy said...

Well, it's easier to pick yourself up by the seat of the pants and get moving again when you are at 325 instead of 400!!! The bell has rung and Round 2 is starting, so get back in there, Rocky!!!