Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Lets not get complacent

Well I have no idea how it happened but I lost weight this week. Not just a little either. I lost 4.6 pounds. I am not going to complain trust me. I did not cheat the scale by wearing lighter clothes or anything like that. I ate like crap over the weekend and still lost. I do have a couple of theories however.

I have no science to back these ideas up they are just thoughts, but I think it may actually be a combination of the two. The first is that Monday and Tuesday I really drank a lot of water. By a lot I am talking in the neighborhood of 250 ounces of water a day. I think that helped to flush my system of the excess sodium. Second would be the possibility of a 6 - 10 day delay in the results showing on the scale from a good or bad weekend or week. I have seen this first hand early in this whole thing and I think I was pretty complacent after I had a bad week and then posted a loss. I think I was pretty lax about my diet and exercise that week.

So this is no time for complacency. I have posted one gain through this whole ordeal and I would prefer not to do that again for a while. So this week it is back to the gym and eating right and staying on track. Join me this week. Don't be complacent. Strive to do just a little more. Exercise a bit more, eat more vegetables, drink more water. Try something new this week. Tell you what I will come up with a recipe for a Ginger Lemon stir Fry for you guys. I threw something together a week ago and it was really good so I will attempt to duplicate and post it here.

Do just a little more this week. What do you say?


Anonymous said...

I'll follow your lead Matt and do just that.

Do a little more, yes I will.

Have a good day.

Todd from MN. (TGS281)

Rick said...

Do more this week? you bet. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing and motivating

Kathy said...

Love recipes! Bring it on!

Jodie said...

Matt - Your faithfulness to the program inspires. No matter how many days I miss the mark, whenever I check back in, you've been committed to your plan. It's so great.