Monday, June 16, 2008

Exercise, Golf, and Anything else I happen to think of.

I have been to the gym every day but friday this week and am feeling pretty good. Not sure what will show on the scale but regardless I know I am doing the right thing. I will be back at it tonight for a late evening workout and possibly in the morning. The morning work out would be the doing more I was talking about.

How else have I done more. Well let me tell you about Saturday. I guess I should first preface this by telling you I have not walked a hole of golf in at least 15 years. Once we had enough money my friends and I always rode. It was about talking to your friends and enjoying a few cold ones. Definitely not about exercise. So Saturday I take my son to Paradise Point Golf Complex and we plan to play the Academy course. The Academy course is 4 holes left over from a major redesign in the late 80's. They kept the holes and I rediscovered them recently. I can take my son out and he has a great time with no pressure. There is rarely any traffic on it and it is a great place to learn. My son will be 10 in January and he thinks driving the golf cart is about the coolest thing ever. so he was a bit disappointed when we were told they had to keep the carts for the tee times at the other two "main" courses. I understood and so I was forced to do more. We walked the course and let me tell you. I was pretty tired afterward. And after the ride home my legs were a bit sore. So I would say that even though it was not by choice I did more that day.

Speaking of golf. How about the US Open? If you enjoy golf then you could not help but enjoy the drama the played out on Sunday. Rocco Mediate hangs on and posts a -1. A wayward drive and lack of distance cost him a real birdie chance on 18. As I sat a watched him make that par putt on 18 I told my Mom and Dad who were over for dinner that -1 would not win this tournament, it may force a playoff, but it would not win it. Then Tiger puts it in the rough on his drive on 18, then promptly hits is second shot in the rough and all of a sudden it looks like Rocco might win. Tiger puts it on the green from the rough within about 15 ft. Everyone knew he would make it. Rocco said as much. So off to an 18 hole playoff today. Truth be told I am pulling for Rocco Mediate for a couple of reasons. First he is a wonderful everyman. People know his name but he is just another guy on tour, but he has been there a long time. He is 45 years old and this is not a tournament won by guys who are past their prime who were never that great in the first place. Second is the fact that he lost a whole bunch of weight and has kept it off. I have searched the internet for an old picture of Rocco and it seems that they don't exist. Regardless he did it and to win the US Open would just be huge.

Good Luck Rocco! Go get em!

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TB--Milwaukee said...

I'm not a huge golf fan, but that tournament had me watching...just wish they would have the playoff as a sudden death right after the final round so us working folk could watch. Sounded like a great playoff too. Have to admit, I was really pulling for Tiger to hit that final shot yesterday, but certainly would have been happy to see the underdog win too.