Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Well thats strange, oh and maybe a food find...

Somehow I managed to lose another 1.8 pounds this last week. I will not go into the details my week, but let me just say I was not exactly the model of weight watching this last week. I will be doing better this week. I spoke with my meeting leader about the motivation issue and she assured me that it is perfectly normal. There is also the thought that letting my body and mind rest for a bit may not be a bad thing. So I am calling last week rest week. Tonight I will be mowing the lawn for a bit of calorie burning fun and then back to the gym tomorrow and then hopefully some kind of workout everyday until I head camping on the second of July.

I also found, or was referred to, turkey brats. I found Honeysuckle White Turkey brats. They were... not great, but not bad. You have to understand. My Aunt and Uncle live in Sheboygan WI. And for those of you not in the know Johnsonville Brats are made in Sheboygan Falls. So there were summers spent in the heart of brat country. My family was bringing home coolers of brats packed in dry ice before you could buy them in the grocery store. So when I bite into a brat looking sausage I expect it to taste like a brat. The turkey brat is not really a substitute for the real deal. That said I will keep trying them as I overcooked them a bit because of my fear of food poisoning. So I will report back on the Turkey Brats, but you might want to give them a shot. Turkey brats weigh in at 4 pts and if memory serves Johnsonville original brats roll with 7 pts. So... There ya go.

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TB--Milwaukee said...

I have not tried Turkey brats. After so many years of the real thing, I don't want to mess with it. I've from Wisconsin myself and couldn't imagine tricking myself into the turkey brats.

Nice loss! Following the program doesn't mean you have to follow everything all the time. Sometimes giving the body a rest is a good thing.