Monday, June 2, 2008

In training? Not just yet.

I had thought that I would begin to train for the 5 K this week but I think I am gonna put that off for a bit. I think I need to do more cycling to build up my knees and then begin the training. My goal will still be to run the whole thing. But the schedule I set for myself would have had me ready to go by the middle of August when the run is not until October 18th. So I am going to push things back several weeks.

With that said I suppose that I am in pre-training. I began to hit the elliptical harder over the weekend and I I am gonna get a serious ride in tonight if I do not get rained out. If I do. I will be on the elliptical again. I am still lifting, but I am focusing more on the cardio in order to make my lungs more healthy and drop more weight. I know it sounds crazy, but I would like to get below 300 before I get into the training. Theoretically I have 2 months to do that and then 3 more months to get ready for the 5k. I am not going to hold myself to that goal, but 25 less lbs pounding on my knees would sure be nice.

I will try to keep you up todate on what I am doing when I post.

This weekend was two 50 minutes sessions on the elliptical and I lifted once. When I started working out 5 minutes on the elliptical almost killed me. so to go 50 straight minutes was a big acomplishment.

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