Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well I am going to take a break from weight loss blogging today and talk about art. Charlie over at Back to the Fridge asked what we wanted to be when we grow up. I came up with a few things really and at nearly 35 years old I figure that it might be time to grow up a bit. That said I am also in no big hurry.

So one of the things I mentioned was Photography. In particular fine art photography. You see way back in high school my tow best friends were photogs for school publications. At the time it seemed logical to take the photography class to hang out with them. Well it turned out that I was struck by the photography bug. My friend both went on to other careers but are excellent photographers. Jay is one of the best sports photogs I have seen, even to this day he can take amazing shots. Like this.

Then there is my buddy Jason who is actually back in school and getting is Masters of Fine Art in Digital Photography. Who can come up with stuff like this.
So I guess I should also share some of my stuff to:

Here are a few of my favorites.

Tulips at Bellagio

Stargazer in Black (Photo I did for my girlfriend last Christmas)UPDATE:  Here is the original

I took this picture of a puddle in my driveway and then edited the color and saturation.

refelction edit rsize

This is a photo from a camping trip. I took this photo from under the leaves on a slightly overcast day. you would think this is a black and white photo, but it is shot in color.


And my favorite is what I call "Inverted day at Shedd" I took all these images and then inverted the colors on them. I matted them on a piece of Plexiglas I painted black and then hand sanded swirls into. This is the finished product.

new piece2


biz319 said...

I like the tulip picture the best!

Kathy said...

Well...well...well! Hiding your light under a basket! Those are awesome!

MizFit said...


Im always in awe of people, like you, who had hidden skills or talents.

not me. whatcha see is what there is.


SuperDave said...

Dang, You didn't even list your talent on your, "I've been tagged post." Very nice. I love photography and have a few books that I STILL haven't read.

Marcie said...

"Day at Shedd" is my fave! We had a great time at Shedd, but my pics aren't as neat! =)