Thursday, November 20, 2008

Willie Nelson and I are old pals!

I was back "On the road again" last night.  I made ol' Willie proud!  I ran a 5k training run last night.  I came out really strong and finished a bit weak.  Honestly exactly what I expected.  I am not disappointed at all, in fact my time was not horrible for me.  I cruised in with a 36:26 so I am happy with that.

Now I am going to kissing the dreadmill goodbye forever.  If it means not winter running then so be it.  I will get on the elliptical.  I HATE the dreadmill.  I am now pretty excited about the race this Sunday.  I don't really have any time goals so my goal will be to have a great time.


MizFit said...

come here and visit.
run the marathon? :)

I live in land of willie lovers (TX)

Scale Junkie said...

the cure for this is to move south for the winter :-)

Good luck on your Sunday race!