Friday, November 14, 2008

Why to work out in the morning

So I worked out this morning.  I did not get that run in last night.  I have a tone of excuses but basically it all boils down to running out of time.  I had all kinds of things come up.  I had to work late, I had to pick up the little one and get some dinner going and, and, and, and.

So I rolled out this morning at O' Dark thirty and hit they gym.  45 minutes on the elliptical and some weights.  I feel good and I had nothing going on at 4:30am.

It is funny how nothing comes up at 4:30 in the morning.  You don't have to work late, or pick up kids, or worry about traffic.  It is just you and the sunrise.  pretty peaceful really.  I walked out this morning and paused for a moment before heading to the gym.  I listened.  I could only hear a couple of cars.  It was nearly silent.

One of my favorite times to be outside is in the evening during a snow shower.  It is just silent.  I just love that.  Sorry I kinda got of on a tangent there.  But in our world of constant stimulus I crave silence more as I get older. 


Kathy said...

My husband has always liked and used that term: 0...dark...thirty! So funny!

SuperDave said...

Dude, good for you for getting out in the morning - I can't! or I won't! hehe...