Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Up 2.8 and a Duathlon?

So up 2.8 lbs. and not all that surprised.  I will qualify the weigh in a bit as I made the switch from gym shorts to jeans for the winter.  I was also in a long sleeve T rather than short.  Not that it made up the entire 2.8 but it might have made up a bit. 

Tonight I plan on getting in my run.  Well plan is not the word as much as I must.  if I have to go to a lighted park to do it I will.  I have to run a bit in the elements and get my endurance up a bit.

The question I eluded to is this.

Would you tackle a Duathlon (run / bike) in April if you ran your first 5k in October?

They have 2 courses a one where you run 3 miles and bike 7 and another where you run 5 miles and bike 15.

The first question as I stated above -
Would you do it?
and then
Which one would you do?

This is the link for all of you jumping in to join me. 
Shakespeare's Pizza MaxTrax Duathlon April 11 2009

And just so you know Shakespeare's has some of the best Pizza on the Planet.


Merry Mary said...

You can totally do a duathlon by April! Well, I would do it if I was you. And since you have already done a 5k, you could probably do the 3 mile run/7 mile bike race pretty easily. If you wanted a challenge you could try for the other. Either way, you should go for it!

SuperDave said...

You won't have any problem at all. I plan on the same next yr. Just make sure that you do both back to back every once in a while so that you know what you are getting into...At least that's what I plan on doing.