Friday, November 14, 2008

Do you know what day it is?

WDD_logo_EN_200pxWell I would not have know either if it were not for George. You see early in my weight watchers journey I was searching for other blogs to read and I came across the B.A.D blog. Authored by one of the most amazing people who love to meet someday.

I found George because he at one time did weight watchers, but his blog is about everything in his life. His faith, his struggle with weight, his family, and diabetes. George and his family are amazing. Read up and you will see.

You should check out his blog and give him a shout out to say hello. Click below to get B.A.D.


I encourage you to learn more about the disease and do what you can. If all you can do is pray for a cure then please do. For now I am praying.


Jay and Kelly said...
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MizFit said...

hey! great minds huh? :)

Im off to check him out.

thanks for spreading the word.


SuperDave said...

Thanks Matt for pointing that out! It is a devastating disease and only going to get worse as our ever "growing" population is succumbing to it. I'll check out the site.