Monday, November 17, 2008

Gobbler Grind on Saturday

Holy crap!  I looked at the calendar and I am running a 5k this Saturday.  I have run all of 6 miles since my last 5k.  This should be interesting.  I am not sure what to wear, I am praying for some decent weather and hoping for a good run.  Nothing like going into your second race cold huh.

This week I will refocus on running.  I am still going to try to break my personal record set my last time out.  I will run a minimum of 2 miles tonight and try to get in the entire 3.11.  I will continue to life and work out full bore until Friday when I will do 2 miles and then 1 mile on Saturday.

Holy Crap!  Sunday is race day.   But I should get a tech shirt out of this one!

1 comment:

SuperDave said...

Sometimes it's not about speed. Run it as a training run. If you are worried a bit, run comfortably and enjoy the race. You'll get to log miles + cool t-shirt! :)