Wednesday, February 17, 2010

And we have digits

Oh how those digits can deflate and demoralize us, but it was about as I expected.  391.6.  I do however have a confession to make.  I wore a sweater, and did not remove my shoes.  I know, I know, it is kinda cheating when I wear lighter clothes next week, but I am going with the I need a confidence boost thing. 

So more about last night.  The meeting was... well... a WW meeting.  Lots of people looking nervous, a few people who looked like they really do not need to be there.  And then the talk about eating out and having a plan and that sorta stuff.  It was all so familiar.

One thing I wish more leaders would do is be more of a hard ass.  Tell it like it is.  More like this.  Back in the day when I did all this before there was a woman at the meeting droning on about the points in grapes.  The leader turned and looked at her and said "Eat all the grapes you want, you didn't get here (weight watchers) on grapes"  Oh that cracks me up.  It is so true. 

So I did have a super healthy dinner last night.  An omelet with red peppers and onions and spinach and a bit of 2% cheese.  Then had some frozen fruit for dessert.

I guess I forgot how much you can stuff your face when you make good choices.

Today however I was presented with my first challenge.  Italian was delivered in for lunch.  All that carby deliciousness.  I had a small piece of lasagna, a salad with some italian dressing, and a piece of garlic toast.  I had small portions, and I am hungry.  Virtually no protein and very little fiber.  That my friends is a recipe for disaster.  Luckily the day is drawing to a close and I will go home and make some dinner soon.

Thanks for commenting y'all.  I appreciate the encouraging words.

Next step.  Get back to the gym.  Oh and stop drinking diet coke.  It is indeed the devil.

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Better Off Alive said...

Nothing wrong with wearing heavy clothes for that first weight in. Been there, done that. Like you will make fir a better and more motovational weigh in next week.