Friday, February 19, 2010

Lets back up a bit

So as I embark on the journey all over again I thought it important to ask a few questions.
  • How was I successful last time around
  • How did I fail last time around
  • What can I do differently this time
All meaningful questions that I am not sure I have the answers to.  However I am going to do my best.

How was I successful last time around?

Well this may be the easiest of all the questions.  What made me successful in weight loss was that I ate clean for the most part and managed to exercise regularly. Those are to huge pieces.  I also kept a journal of my progress through the blog and kept track of what I ate through the WW website. And finally I managed to get more sleep.  The eating right thing came somewhat easy.  I almost always ate breakfast, had fruit and vegetables for snacks, and then had a salad with grilled chicken for lunch.  I would end up with some lean meat a veggie and a small amount of some starch for dinner.  Maybe some frozen fruit as a snack.  Exercise came much less easy.  That is the one routine that is so easy to break.  Going to the gym 3 - 4 times a week or running 3 times a week is fine when you are in the routine or you are training for something but you break it for a week and you might not want to head back.

How did I fail last time around?

This is the hardest, or at least much more difficult.  In this case many answers could be correct.  What might true for me may not be for you.  I think though that it started with a let down in my consistent exercise.  Or maybe I was exercising enough and my eating habits had failed.  Or maybe it was both.  I think probably one thing that happened was that I continued to work out and started to change my diet.  I was maintaining and doing okay, but I was not losing weight.  Then I stopped working out.  You can guess what happened.  My weight went right back up.  My eating habits got worse and worse.  It all has a domino affect.  For instance.  I was getting enough sleep because I was going to be earlier so I could wake up and go work out.  Then I stopped working out so I started staying up late.  It is all excuses I know but maybe If I can identify the things that lead to failure before maybe I can succeed this time.

What can I do differently?

Also tough.  And this might be something I have to figure out as I go.  I know whatever my decision it needs to be permanent.  I cannot have this be a year long thing, or a until I get below 300 thing.  It has to be something I do forever.  If that just means I make sure to walk every week and eat right, than that is great.  I think a big thing might be to attempt to not over indulge in some of the things I love.

I am open to all suggestions.  I think where I might start is to read my blog again.


Jacinda Renae said...

I am new at this, so I have no suggestions :( But I am interested in how many times/amount of time per day you worked out, I'm trying to get a feel for what should be "required" for weight loss...But I am enjoying reading your blog, so keep it up - again! :)

Andrew is getting fit said...

You got comfortable is what happened!

It happens to most of us. It happened to me. The key is to recognise it and get uncomfortable again but that is pretty hard.

Better Off Alive said...

I know from my own problem I have is that when I stop losing I get discoursaged and thats when I start going back to my old habits. I start thinking if this is not working I might as well eat what I want in whatever quantity I want. Once I get comfortable in my old ways, as Andrew mentioned, before you know it you are back to sqare one.