Thursday, February 18, 2010

Wow and maybe a food find

First off I was stoked that my Tigers rolled on Texas last night.  So much fun to watch.  Equally as fun though was watching Shaun White on the halfpipe.  Holy crap that dude is just nails.  He is just so much better than everyone else in his sport.  His airs are bigger, his tricks are better, his landings are cleaner, and then you listen to this kid speak.  He is just the right blend of humble and cocky.  He wants to win no doubt but he loves the other people in his sport and does not disparage them.  He just seems like a good kid how is better than anyone else at what he does and he absolutely loves it.

So this does not tie into weight loss really, I realize that.  I can however claim a small victory.  I ate frozen fruit last night while watching all those sports.  Normally that is a beer and chips kinda night. 

So today is starting off well.  Egg on toast for breakfast and salad with grilled chicken with Hendricksons salad dressing for lunch.  If you have not tried Hendricksons and you live near St Louis or in Kansas City you should check it out.  All natural and relatively low cal.  Oh and really yummy.  You can check them out here.


Jacinda Renae said...

I totally agree about Shaun White~~

Andrew is getting fit said...

I haven't managed to watch any olympics coverage yet!