Tuesday, February 16, 2010

From 400 to 292 and back again. Almost.

Well since Feb of 2009.  I guess I have been absent.  I shut this blog down.  I was embarrassed.  I blogged so confidently back then.  Friends and family read this page and I felt like a fraud. 

Here it is one year later, nearly to the day, and I am back.  I am hoping to stay this time.  I am heading back to WW tonight.  I am thinking I am at about 385.  I have gained back nearly all I lost.  I had to go back and buy more clothes.  It is a sad state of affairs.  I can tell you I am more aware of my health this time around.  I feel tired all the time, my knees kill me, my asthma is back and worse than before.  Headaches, yep got em.  Could be the caffeine, could be the crappy diet.  My mood is not great.  I have nearly reverted all the way back to the less confident guy who tried to make people laugh to gain acceptance.  I make fun of my own weight.

I digress.

So I had a yogurt this morning for breakfast and am going to have a sandwich for lunch, no mayo, no cheese.  Similar to what I used to do.  As I recall I do need to eat more in the morning in order to feel better throughout the day

For now I am back and I am going to try.  Stay tuned I will post my official weigh-in by this time tomorrow.  Hopefully along with a new post.

For those of you who may stumble across this.  Thanks for taking to time.  I missed you.


theantijared said...

I am so happy you are back!!!!!!

You have no idea how much you have made my week to see one of my favorite bloggers come back to blogging!!!!!!!!!

Foodie McBody said...

Welcome back. You have all our support!! I can't tell you how many times I went in and out of WW. I (hope) I am back for good now, after 15 yrs of revolving door membership.

WebCudgel said...

Rock on! I rebooted myself this week too... I had not reached the point of buying larger clothes... but what I have was getting too tight again. Glad to have you back on the wagon! :)

TB--Milwaukee said...

We all have tough times. It's the strong that are able to get back at it. Welcome back!

♥ Kenz ♥ said...

Welcome. What matters most today is that you're ready to do this today. And that is awesome. Regardless of the weight on the scale, work to move forward!

Supporting you today (and tomorrow..)

Paul said...

I've done the ol' vanishing act, too. Gained a good chunk of weight back, and lacking motivation.

Good for you for coming back! :-)

John's Weight Loss Blog said...

Great to see you back writing again Matt. We've all been through those ups and downs - hang in there and do it again, you've been there and know what you need to do to be successful!

Better Off Alive said...

The main thing is that you are back and not giving up!

Skinny Coffin said...

Matt - from one prodigal Weight Watcher to another...welcome back.

I am right their with you, bro - let's fight the fight.