Monday, May 5, 2008

Build a Deck, Eat like crap and its a good thing.

I did not track anything this weekend and mentally I do not feel awful about it. But let me outline the weekend quickly. Friday was fine until our waited brought out a free dessert. Who was I to say no to free dessert. Still all in all, not awful. Let move along to Saturday. I figure points vs activity I was fine. We were building a deck I and we worked for probably 10 hrs. So I ate a breakfast burrito and then did not eat again till dinner and I have 3 slices of pizza and a big salad. No problem there. Sunday was again probably fine but We had bagels and cream cheese for breakfast, In-a-Tub tacos for lunch (for those of you who don't know, it is a corn tortilla stuffed with meat and beans and then deep fried, cracked back open and topped with lettuce, sauce and powdered orange cheese like you use for box mac and cheese. YUMMY) I had sonic popcorn chicken and tots just before bed. Nothing particularly healthy over the weekend. But I am not all that upset about it. We worked a lot and got a lot done. In fact it may have been a good thing. Last night after finishing the popcorn chicken I feel like I was gonna hurl. I drank a glass of water and got ready for bed and quickly fell asleep. I woke up this morning and still felt crappy. So I think something might have been learned from all this. Are you ready for this revelation? All that crappy food combine will make you not feel so good after eating right for so long. I think I would have been fine if I had just one or the not so great items but all of them pushed me over the edge. So I will keep you posted. hopefully I will feel better over the next several hours.

This is what we built.


Kathy said...

I wish I had a dollar for every time I've read "I felt like crap the next day" from bloggers who went off program and ate like they used to...we all do it and suffer for it. It is a valuable lesson to learn.

Your deck is gorgeous.

Anonymous said...

Personally I feel a little bit responsible about your departure from the program. That being said we couldn't have done the deck without ya.

I think you worked it off.

TB--Milwaukee said...

That's impressive!