Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Holy Crap!

Umm this was unexpected. After basically a week back on the wagon and getting in 4 workouts from last weigh in till this one I was expecting a loss, but nothing like what I saw. I had my biggest loss to date. 15 weeks into this and I dropped a mind blowing 7.4 pounds. Did you hear that. 7.4 pounds. I am not sure what happened but I have a few thoughts. The first is probably sodium. The 1 pound gain last week was likely sodium. Lots of fried things on the weekend of food debauchery. The second could be the whole throwing your body a curve ball is good thing, but I am not really buying it. If I really think about it I think what happened was this.

The few days prior to "the" weekend I was on track and probably had a loss during that time. "The" weekend caused some weight gain and retention of some serious water. The result: a gain of one pound. The next week I am back on plan and the water weight flies off along with a few "actual" fat pounds. So what is todays lesson.

Well the first would be to never enjoy the greasy yummy foods I so thoroughly enjoyed on that particular weekend, but that is unrealistic. So the lesson is this. Enjoy something from time to time and realize that not only are you adding fat to your body, but your likely going to retain some water too.

I was so happy to see that number. I instantly felt better about the prior week and instantly realized that I did not need to beat myself up. I felt like I did pretty good about not getting to upset about it, but I was upset to some degree. I think that bogging the experience will help in future gains. Remembering what happened and how I handled it will be key to future success.


Kathy said...

Matt...that is fantastic! Good for you!

TB--Milwaukee said...

WOW! Congrats on the 50 mark too. Not many plan green squares on that graph, lots of milestones hit.