Friday, May 23, 2008

Reflection Friday

Son at Roaring River playing some wiffle ball.

So this Friday morning I am thinking about a few things that have changed. I think probably the best thing of all is my attitude. Prior to starting this journey my attitude has kinda crappy. I tried to be to fun loving guy that everyone knew, but it was getting harder and harder. Now I just feel better. I feel like I can take on anything. I am sure there are a number of things that contribute to it but I will point out the few that I believe to be the most significant. First is just pure health. Eating right and exercising for the first time in my life had had a huge impact. Which leads me to number 2. I think exercise is just huge. You cannot get from caffeine or a drug what you get when you work out and get your blood pumping. It just never fails. I am always more awake and have a better outlook on my day when I get up and go to the gym. The third is difficult to explain but I will try. I think success has a lot to do with my attitude as well. I think that can also be something to be wary of. If we are not losing at the pace we feel like we should or if we have gained we need to make sure we refocus out energy.

Other thing to reflect on? Well I have a story for you. One of incredible laziness and one of personal triumph. Just last summer I was playing wiffle ball with my son and he would regularly hit the ball over the fence. Last summer it was always his job to go get the balls. God forbid that I walk my lazy butt to go get them. Well this spring is a bit different. He goes and gets some. I go and get some. I even ran to get a few when I had my tennis shoes on. Then yesterday he and I actually raced to go get a ball. I struck me then that I am in much better shape and because of that I am spending better time with my son. Now that is why I am doing this!

Have a great weekend all!


Kathy said...

It certainly lifts your self-esteem when you know you are doing everything possible to be healthy. Your son must be so proud of his Dad!!!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Attitude IS everything. Keep it positive and you'll totally be a "results not typical."

Rick said...

It is amazing how your posts always seem to hit home with my current personal situation. My youngest daughter is getting to the age that she is wanting to do things that I have avoided because of my weight. I will not let that continue.