Friday, May 2, 2008


No fun title today as this one is kind of a record for me to refer back to, Sorry y'all.

We had pizza last night. I had three glorious slices and put the pizza away for the night. That was dinner and I was out of daily points. Then I proceeded to have a WW shake, a couple of handfuls of popcorn (not the good for you kind either), and to top it of a bowl of soup before bed. The soup was a veggie with some whole grain penne pasta.

I am trying to figure out why I was more hungry last night. I am wondering if the pizza is so carb laden and lacks the protein I need. I might have to experiment with that and see if that is really the case. The decisions I made after the pizza were not horrible but I really dont like dipping into my weekly flex points. I need to have some point free options in the house. Carrots, celery, other veggies.

This just teaches me that I still have lots to learn when it comes to nutrition and my body. It also tells me that I need to assert more will power and try to not eat out of habit, boredom or stress. I did not think that the storms that rolled through last night would have caused me to stress eat, but I suppose it is possible.

On to the other ramble of the day. Don't let anyone ever tell you walking is not exercise. I walked the tree miles on Wednesday night and I am still sore from it. Not sore in a hurting way, sore in a good way. If I intend on doing this 5K I will need to keep working on it. Running the whole thing will be a challenge, but that is really what I am all about. With that said I am taking a few days off from the gym. I did not go this morning and will not go over the weekend. Monday I will be back with more focus. I intend on using the treadmill a bit more to begin to train for the 5K.

Zack if you happen to be reading this the KC Marathon/Half/5K is Oct 18th and I can use that time for the World Wide Half /5K. I would love it if you and I could run it together. I know you are really busy and I know it would be a stretch but if possible I would really like to cross the finish line with you.

That is all for today, not sure how the weigh in is gonna treat me next week, and at this point I am not sure that I am that concerned. I am learning and I think that is the difference with WW. Learn to live as opposed to learning a diet.


Zack said...

Im in for Oct. I'll figure a way to make it up there.


Rick said...


You know as well as I that one slip does not mean the plan is over. Just jump back on. I work with a guy who is in great physical shape but eats more than I and another co-worker does. His solution . He works out everyday. You yourself have even said that exercise is key. So you had a day where food won a bit. fight back with a bit more of a work out ( I always am less hungry after I exercise, which is not often!!!) and know tomorrow is a better day...