Monday, August 18, 2008

Dead legs and Grilled Salmon

I decided to test myself on Saturday and I paid for it a bit.  But it felt pretty good.

Allow me to elaborate.  I went to the gym and hopped on the treadmill.  I decided that I was going to run as along as I felt comfortable.  I made it .8 of a mile.  I know it is not anywhere near the 5K I am getting ready for, but it was not bad.  I did that in just about 10 minutes.  Then I walked for another 3 minutes and tried to run again and only mustered 90 seconds.  I know I pushed myself to far during the first run and my legs were just dead.  But it still felt good to know I could run that distance.  Now to add on to it.  I will be back at it tonight and attempting to get a full mile in.  My legs still feel a bit dead but I will try to power through.

In other healthy living news:  I grilled some salmon last night and I have to tell you that my first experiment grilling fish was good.  I glazed the salmon with lime juice, honey, ground red pepper, salt, garlic powder and coconut shavings.  The result was very good.  I grilled the filet skin side down first and when I went to turn it the skin stuck.  I thought I was done for.  Thankfully while the skin stuck to the grill the meat turned perfectly.  At that point I was certain that the fish would stick and I would be calling the pizza man for dinner, but it didn't.  Beautiful grill marks and and delicious finished product.

Check back tomorrow night to see how I did at the weigh in.  I will need to really buckle down and do some really good work to get to the 299.8 mark by next Tuesday but I it is doable.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Fish sounds good and congrats on your longest run.

new*me said...

I think it's great you are challenging yourself. Good luck at the weigh in!

Tony said...

yeah, grilled salmon is tasty. Running really is a bitch; 10 minutes is great.

Kathy said...

Love the sound of the seasonings on that salmon!