Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Training begins

last years Kansas City Marathon Poster

I signed up today for the 5K that I have mentioned from time to time here.  I am running the 5K portion of the Kansas City Marathon on October 18th.

I started training last night by simply doing a walk / run routine on the treadmill.  I was pretty strong for the entire time but am very sore today.  I will attempt to cross train in one way or another on off days.  I am determined to run the entire 5k.  Even if I run slowly I am going to run.  I am not setting any time goals right now.  Only to try to run the entire race.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Good man!

Have you thought about doing something structured like Couch to 5K? www.c25k.com

That's how I started running in January.

new*me said...

that is very exciting news and such a great goal to work towards! My muscles are already feeling sympathy pains!

TB--Milwaukee said...

Good for you!