Wednesday, August 20, 2008

To set goals or not to set goals, that is the question.

Well an update is due. I lost 1.8 lbs this week! While this was not what I was really hoping for I am still moving in the right direction. That push to get to 299.8 by the first Mizzou game is still on, it might just have to come down to a weigh in prior to the game.

This brings up an interesting topic. Goals. I set them and try to meet them. Others think goals are dangerous because of the possibility of failure. What do you think? I can tell you I think that failure is part of life and many times it is our failures that we learn from and make us stronger. So I may or may not make it to that elusive 299.8 by game day on the 30th, but if I don't I will not be dwelling on it. I will be focusing on my next goal. To run the 5K I have signed up for on October 18th. I am going to have to train my butt off to be able to run the whole thing, but I am determined to do it. Wow, I just realized that I have been letting my goal of getting under 300 hinder my progress on the 5K goal. Well no more. Tonight, I run.

So what say you blogoshpere - Goals or no goals?


Andrew is getting fit said...

Firstly, 1.8 pounds is not to be sneezed at. I'd love a 1.8 pound loss each week.

Secondly, I need goals. I have long term goals, medium term goals and short term goals.

They help to keep me inspired and moving onwards.

new*me said...

I think goals are necessary but you also have to learn to be okay with yourself if you don't meet them as perfectly as expected. Goals are motivation, not who we are.

SuperDave said...

Goals - I am one that has to have them. I sway away from the center line when I don't. I think they are important to keep you moving in the right direction.