Thursday, August 14, 2008

Its Habitual

So I was sitting here this morning after I did not get to the gym, again, and I was thinking about the last few weeks.  I am not calling this a plateau just yet but I am ready to tell you that since I got to 320 I am finding things much more difficult.  I would like to tell you that it is the time of the year, or that I am just that busy, or a host of other excuses.  But the fact of the matter is that I am reverting back to old habits.  Habits of eating out of boredom, and making poor choices.  being habitually sedentary.  The good thing is that I am noticing it.  So that is a positive.  It is also good that I have continued to lose during the past month or 6 weeks.  I am not unhappy about my progress at all, I have just noticed a change in my habits.  That all needs to stop.

I am committing to getting in 5 workouts prior to weigh in on Tuesday and I am committing to 6 workouts the next week.  I will stop eating out of boredom and if I do I will make the right choices.  I will begin to track religiously again and right this ship.  Those are the good habits I need to keep up with.

I know I know.  You're saying, "Matt, you have come so far, you continue to lose, your doing great."  But this is the thing.  I have to replace the bad habits with good ones.  I know what I am capable of and it is certainly more than what I have been doing.  It means sacrifice and hard work.  But lets face it.  That sacrifice and hard work means years on my life, and a much more reward quality of life now and in the years to come.  I wanna be that old dude who you see and you think "man, that guy is really in shape and looks so good for his age."  I know you know the one I am talking about.

So here we go.  Breaking the bad habits and replacing them with good ones.  Part II


Kathy said...

Keep at it, Matt! How old is Paul Newman anyway?

HollyALP said...

You're very right - both in the perception of someone watching your weight loss, and about how easy it is to slip back into old habits. You are doing amazing and we're all extremely impressed. I keep having to remind myself of serving sizes. Especially when I'm hungry. I'll take out that bag of ravioli and put the 9 pieces that constitute a serving in the boiling water, and for just a moment I'll think "That will never satisfy me! Can't I have moooooorrrrreeeee!?" And then my logic will kick back in and say "NO! That alone will fill you to capacity - just wait and see." And sure enough by the time I've finished my 3/4 plate of salad and 9 pieces of ravioli, I am indeed stuffed. Amazing insight into your own process! I'm going to watch myself a little bit closer to see what habits I've reverted back to...
Thank you for your posts on my site! I could always use more of the man's perspective!
Good Luck!

Andrew is getting fit said...

You'll notice this WHEN you get to 220 as well!

It is so easy for us to slip back into our old habits and you have to be eternally vigilant I'm afraid.

new*me said...

I have noticed that a lot of fellow bloggers are having the same problem right now. Maybe our bodies are sensing the not too distant cooler weather coming and want to conserve the extra fat :) ??? Just a thought! Stay focused :)

Anonymous said...

Matt, how long are your workouts?

I've found that keeping it short and simple (30 minutes max) is the best way to stick to the program. When you try to force yourself to do some hellish 45-60 minute cardio program, you start to skip workouts.

30 minutes that you will do consistently is FAR better than the 60 minutes you won't.

Good luck, and great progress so far.