Friday, August 22, 2008

You know what skinny people have in common?

OK OK, let me qualify that a bit. Do you know what skinny people over the age of 30 have in common? I would say the the majority of them exercise. I have posted about this before, but I think more people exercise than I realized in the past. I also believe that when we see skinny people, in particular those who appear fit, I think we need to realize that they work at it. I know what your saying. "There are just naturally skinny people". You know what you right and I have no answer for that. Superior Metabolism?

Now about this photo
I might just be turning into a runner. I am really enjoying this. Which after my first introduction to it on the treadmill, which I hated, I would have not thought possible. But get this guys, I ran 2 miles last night. Not walked part of it and ran part of it. I ran them. Now granted, I was running 13:30ish miles, but I did run them. I feel a bit sore today, but nothing bad. Running outside is just more fun. I did get heckled by some kids which brought back not so fond memories and reminded me just how cruel kids can be, but I did not say a word and pressed on.

So tonight I head to the gym for some strength and bike time and tomorrow morning I will hit the pavement again. I think 1.5 miles will be on the agenda but we shall see where the road leads us.

By the way of you have not Gmaps-pedometer you should check it out.


MizFit said...

how sad is it that Im a growna** woman and admire that you ignored the kids and moved on.

that I fear the SWOOOSHING sound youd have heard woulda been me STOOPING to their level :)

Have a great weekend.


new*me said...

boo to the mean kids! Good for you! I love walking outside running here yet. It feels good to know you are moving and getting somewhat fresh air in your lungs too.

SuperDave said...

I originally started out on the dreadmill; I mean, treadmill. After I hit the roads, running became enjoyable and my pace was much better. Occasionally I hit the treadmill at the gym and it feels more difficult.

Andrew is getting fit said...

This running thing is mighty addictive isn't it?

Well done you runner you!

TB--Milwaukee said...

It's just that we never "see" those skinny people exercising when "we" are overweight. Now, I take notice of everyone exercise and totally admire everyone exercising out in public.