Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gobbler Grind 5k


On November 23rd I will embark on my second 5k.  I should get a tech shirt for this one which is a big bonus.  The only goal I have for this one is to not freeze my butt off and to attempt to beat my previous time. 

Care to join me?


Andrew is getting fit said...

I'd love to join you. Send my ticket to NZ!

john - from fat to fit said...

So here's a dumb question - do they offer XXXL shirts at a 5k? I'd hate to sign up and not be able to fit into the shirt!

MizFit said...

saw your comment at ronis site and wanted to say GOOD POINT.

I know Ive been guilty, at times, of diminishing my husbands efforts because it can all seem so...EFFORTLESS :)