Wednesday, October 22, 2008

New weigh in day up 3.2 lbs

Well I am not going to lie that just kinda sucks.  That said I am not to worries about it.  I am back to tracking and I am trying to cut out the diet coke again.  I feel like I will probably rolling down the track again by next week and have the 300 number fading away in my rear view mirror.

I have changed back to Tuesday meetings.  I guess I feel more at home on Tuesdays.  The Thursday meeting is big and the leader is full or energy, but to me it is just not the right fit.  Last night I was able to identify why I like Tuesdays better.

At last nights meeting I was able to share my experience with people and get some conversation going.  With all the people and the dynamic of Thursday meetings that was more difficult.  So my move to Tuesday may be selfish, but I think it will make a difference.

In other news.

I am looking for another race before the end of the year.  I might be a bit hooked on the racing thing.  I am looking at couple of different runs nearby I just need to look at dates and see what might work out.  I plan on doing 5k races through the end of the year and another one in the spring and then move up to a couple of 10k races and get ready for the half marathon for this time next year. 

Who would have ever thought?  Matt Keeling is a runner.

4 comments: Lose 80 Pounds said...

You're not being found a meeting that you fit in better with. You gotta go to the one where you'll have the success!

BTW, if you check my blog I'm keeping my word about getting back on track and exercising. I've also journaled everything since last Friday. =)

Andrew is getting fit said...

You are definitely a runner! Way to go.

MizFit said...

seriously way to go.

Im still searching for some running love...

TB--Milwaukee said...

Meeting leaders are all so different. I really liked my smaller meeting too when I was losing, but now that I am maintaining, I like the dynamic big meeting. Selfishness is needed to succeed.