Monday, October 13, 2008


What a weekend.  First lets just get it out there.  My Tigers lost.  They got beat and they looked bad the whole game.  Another night game on tap for the now #11 ranked Tigers and this one will match us against the #1 Texas Longhorns.  Umm that could mean 2 weeks of PFLDS (Post Football Loss Depression Syndrome).

Lets talk for a moment about PFLDS.  I am not sure what to do about this.  I am so invested in this team, both financially and emotionally.  I woke up yesterday and was just numb to it.  I was in a bad mood for a lot of the day yesterday and today I don't want to be around people much at all.  PFLDS is an epidemic which has no cure other than for your football team to sack up and get a victory.  Thank goodness I separated myself from the chiefs a few years ago or else I would in a world of hurt.

But all is not lost.  Friday evening I went out for a 2 mile run, that ended up being a walk run because of an asthma attack and I did not have my inhaler.  But then I turned around the next morning and ran the course for the upcoming 5k this weekend.  The course good and I am sure I will run it a bit faster with a crowd.  The second mile is almost all uphill but it is not too steep so it was not bad, but going back down the same hill a couple of blocks over was awesome.  I finished in 35:15 and did not put in a kick in the end.  I figure I will get it under 35 without much of a problem. 

Then this was the best exercise of all.  I went here. I went to the corn maze with my son and my dad and we had a great time.  We made our way through the longest maze and then through the one of the others.  I would guess a total off about 4 miles of walking and running a back tracking and just plain fun.  If not for going to the Corn maze with my dad and son...  PFLDS would have taken over my weekend. 


Andrew is getting fit said...

Damn our sport teams for losing. Don't they know how it affects us?

Ripx180 said...

I hear you on the PFLDS... I have been a huge fan of the Seattle Seahawks for a long time and they are just tanking this year.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Try being a Badger fan nowadays. I don't let myself get to involved in sports. Love them, but they are just entertainment for me.

Kathy said... about loving and rooting for a losing team!!! I am a huge fan of Mikey Waltrip! Do you know how painful that is sometimes??? I've tried to make myself cheer someone else, but if you're a true fan, it just doesn't work! But the joy of seeing them turn it around and look like a winner once in awhile is so much sweeter for having sat through all the losses!
Sorry for inserting NASCAR into the football talk, guys! lol

SuperDave said...

I feel for your Tigers, tough loss to a tough team. Ya know you could beat those pesky Longhorns..
Get those hilly runs in, they will payoff in the end..
One more thing, you have officially been "tagged!"

Matt Keeling said...

Kathy your welcome to insert Nascar into the talk anytime. I just hate getting depressed about a darn sporting event.