Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Huh. Isn't that strange

I am thanking the weight loss gods today.  Somehow I managed a Biggest Loser like 8 pound lose this last week.  Even after all the beer and pizza and just poor choices from the weekend I lost and lost big.  It may still catch up with me and I am prepared for that.  However I am back to tracking and should be able to get back to the gym again soon.  I did however manage a run last night.

I RAN to the Weight Watchers meeting.  How nuts is that.  It was a 3.25 mile run that kicked my but.  I was slow and was reminded very quickly why I like to keep to the side roads.  I had to stop 4 different times for traffic.  I just hate that.  There were other things that were more of a factor.  For instance, not running since the race.  The other was the hills.  Oh my goodness.  I had no idea it would be that brutal.  I made it though even with a little kick at the end.

So you might be wondering what I did the rest of the week to lose 8 pounds.  I wish I could tell you exactly.  I cut out most of the diet coke and all of the frozen box lunches and I tracked everything during the week.  More than anything I think my body was ready to be done with the weight.  I looked at a line graph of my weight loss and found that on 2 previous occasions after a stall I have losses come up in successive weeks.  And the first was generally pretty significant.

So I cannot explain it.  I just go with the flow and try to keep the train rolling. 


MizFit said...

um. can I say holy crap here?


forget the loss. thats an amazing victory.


HollyALP said...

Yeah... You are very modest - "Isn' that strange?" How about an "I am amazing!!" :) Congratulations.

Andrew is getting fit said...

I'd happily accept an 8 pound loss!

Tony said...

8 pounds is great. All that sodium build up must have finally flushed out

Topher said...

Hey Matt, Thanks for de-lurking and for commenting on my blog. I love finding new bloggers, and it's always a bonus when they're closeby. Fantastic job on the 5k a few weeks ago!

If you're interested in doing another one soon, the Pilgrim Pacer out at Shawnee Mission Park on 11/15 is a really great little event. It's put on by the KC Trail Nerds and has a pretty cheap entry fee. I'm running the half-mary and would love to meet you in person if you make it out there.

Roder said...

That's an awesome loss! Congrats!

TB--Milwaukee said...

What a great week!