Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Race Pics!

Below is pre-race at my house.  To the left is my brother Zack, down front is our Dad (Ken) holding Chuck Norris, To the right is my buddy Jay and of course in the back is the bearded wonder.  That would be me.5kpre

The rest of the pics are near the finish.  I had never saw my peeps taking pics.  I was focused on finishing strong



Kathy said...

Chuck Norris! haha!
Great picture at the finish line!

SuperDave said...

Very cool pictures. How tall are you? I'm guessing 6'4"?
My oldest son is a HUGE Chuck Norris fan, in a funny kinda way. He will get a kick out of your dog.
Way to finish strong! I know that you really want to take out that girl to your right. haha

Matt Keeling said...

Well Dave, only 6'2". As far as the girl to my right... I did not notice her till about 20 10 yard before the finish line. Then I just wanted to pass her. Sadly I was out of gas.

john - from fat to fit said...

Damn all the race pics! Didn't get my 5k goal done this year. Great job to you though!

Andrew is getting fit said...

Great stuff! I love race pics.