Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Boost of confidence

I am very lucky to have such a supportive family and girlfriend. They are very supportive and do what they can to keep me on track. And while I would not trade them for anything and appreciate so much what they do for me it is sometimes the comment from someone who had no idea you were trying to lead a healthier lifestyle and lose weight that really resonates with you. Today a co-worker of mine asked me if I was loosing weight. This was a few minutes after he offered me a leftover Crab Rangoon that I turned down. My response was a sheepish “I am trying”, but on the inside I was doing back flips. I was so happy that someone noticed. I know I am early in this process but it still means a lot. The reason I am doing this is to get healthy but little boosts like that along the way always mean a lot. Thanks Jeffrey.

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