Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The importance of a good breakfast

Before all this started I was that guy. Diet coke for breakfast. At times I would add a candy bar or something if I was hungry. Well initially when this started I was eating oatmeal for breakfast because it was easy. Then I switched to the egg sandwich. After nearly a month at this I came to an interesting realization yesterday. Protein and some good calories in the morning does the body good! You see on Monday I had half a cantaloupe for breakfast, now that was alot of fruit, but mostly water for a total of 2 WW pts. I ate that sometime around 7 am and by 8:30 I was starving. I could not figure it out I was hungry all day but I had such a large breakfast, I just did not get it. Then the next day I went back to my egg sammy with a touch of cheese at 7 ww pts but more importantly packed with protein and good calories. I was not hungry until abut 10:30 when I normally have a piece or 2 of fruit. Now I did not notice a change in energy but my focus was on work, not on food. Kinda silly that here I am 34 years old and I am just now learning that lesson.

Tomorrow is weigh in day. I am pretty excited I told my brother that I was shooting for 5lbs. that would push me to a total lose of 26.8 I would be very very happy with that.

I will update you tomorrow night!

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