Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Cooking healthy

I know I was talking about cooking healthy last post so I thought I should pass along what I did for dinner tonight. Tonight I had a thought toward the end of the day that I wanted to do chicken and shrimp. I got the chicken and shrimp out of the freezer when I got home and started to prepare my menu in my head. I decided some whole wheat pasta would be good with what I as thinking. I began by sauteing some onions, green and red peppers along with some mushrooms in a tablespoon of olive oil. I cooked 3 ozs chicken breast and 2.5 ozs shrimp on the foreman grill. I combine the saute mixture with a can of stewed tomatoes. I then added that saute mixture and tomatoes to the cooked pasta (note: I cooked 4 oz of dry whole wheat penne pasta) and served it with the chicken and shrimp with cooked asparagus. Enough talk. It looked like this and was delicious at about 12.5 points.

note: I only served just over half the pasta so my point calculations were based on that.

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