Monday, February 18, 2008

What a difference 15 % makes

Sunday evening I was over at my parents house for dinner. We had decided to do hamburgers on the grill. It had warmed up to 35 degrees and there was snow on the ground but there is no substitute for grilled burgers. Earlier in the day I had picked up some 95% lean ground beef. This was my first time cooking with such lean beef and I will tell you that it is drier and has less flavor. Next time I will be opting for a medium - medium rare burger. So I made up a hefty 6 oz (pre-cooked) burger for me and made burgers of about the same size for the rest of the family with 80% lean ground beef. I also made some delicious potato skins that came in at about 3 points each but were really good. Some corn on the cob with that and it was almost like summer.

So whats the difference in 15%? 6 points over 6 oz is what. I was shocked. My dad was shocked as well as he has been trying to do the WW the thing as well. His burger alone was 11.5 pts then ad on a 3 pt bun and that is some serious points on a burger. Next time we will know. My meal came in 18.5 or so. A big meal no doubt but I knew I was going to have a burger for dinner so I had a few less snacks during the day. Over all since last meeting I am doing well and staying on points. I have ridden the bike twice for 30 minutes at a time and have begun to work in the crunches I talked about. This is a slow process and I think I will need to continually remind myself of that. Spirits are high and I hope for another successful week this week.

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Magpie said...

Wow, who woulda thought 15% would make such a big difference! Keep up the good work! ;)