Friday, February 15, 2008

How do you react?

Well I have to admit I was not pleased last night. I was angry and upset and was nearly ready to quit. I am not quitting though, this is far to important. So allow me to explain. I went in last night I was pretty excited. I felt like I had a pretty good week. I felt as if I was within the points without being to short and without going over by a lot. My lowest day by my calculations was 39 and my highest was 46. I felt like I was where I needed to be. I was expecting a 5lb or better loss. What I got was 2.6. Now things are still headed in the right direction so I guess I should not be that upset, but I was. It was kinda like that birthday present that you really wanted and asked for and dropped hints about but did not get. So last night I went home, made dinner, talked to a couple of people and then began to think. I looked back over my journal for the week and came up with only one solution. Exercise. You see in my 7lb loss week I hit the bike three times that week. Last week I didn't pedal for a minute. I am not sure that it would have posted me another 7 but it certainly would have helped. So I got on the bike last night and road for a half hour. The other thing I thought about was that according to the doctors scale I was at 400 before I walked into weight watchers. So in the two weeks prior I lost just over 14 lbs and in the first week at WW I lost 7 lbs. The point is that I my understanding is that I should not expect 7 lbs every week and should not expect 5 lbs.

So this week I am going to ride the bike for at least 30 minutes every day. I am also going to begin to throw in some modified crunches and biceps curls and triceps presses. I am going to continue to eat pretty much the way I do but I think I am going to be more aware of my protein. I am not sure I am getting what I need. (I have been counting the chicken on my salad as 4oz and it is more like 2.5 to 3. For this coming week and weeks going forward my goal will be a 2.5 lb loss. That would mean by the end of the year I should be down a cool hundred or better. Now when I look at it that way then that would make me happy. To be down that much by new years. Yes that would be something.

Till next time thanks for reading!


Janessa said...

Don't get discouraged. I think what your doing is great. I wish I had the motivation to work out and eat better. After reading your blog I feel guilty for eating chocolate cake for breakfast :)

Matt Keeling said...

MMMM Chocolate Cake for breakfast. I think I would take that over my egg sammy. Thanks for the encouragement Janessa!

Jason and Cindy said...

Matthew I am soooo proud of you!!! You are doing awesome. Not only exercising physically but mentally!!! You will meet your goal sooner than you will think... Keep moving forward. We love you. : }