Monday, February 25, 2008

A few thoughts

Something interesting came up in the meeting I went to on Sunday. The group leader said that you could not ask others to change for you. This was after many people were talking about hurdles they had encountered during their weight loss and in particular how hard it is to watch others enjoy all those foods that you have to either avoid or enjoy in moderation. That got me to thinking about last winter when I made a small push to get healthy. Well I figured out that I had asked my Mom to change for me when I was the one who needed to change and that was unfair. You see at the time I was living with my parents for a few months while the renters in my house finished their lease. I wanted to get healthy and loss weight. I asked my mom to stop cooking the way she cooked for 40 years or more. I did not see it until someone said it. I needed to make the changes, she didn't. So lesson learned you cannot ask people to change, or more importantly you have to do the work, you will not succeed if you ask others to do it for you. That I think is also true of fad diets. Nutrisystem for instance sends you boxes of food and you eat them and you lose weight. That's great but those boxes did the work for you and you learned nothing about nutrition and preparing your own food. This is the reason I like Weight Watchers is because you have to do the work. I have purchased a few WW items, but only the sweet stuff. I make my own food, some of it is good, some of it not so good but the thing is I am learning how to make things lighter.

Saving up for a big evening. I tried this all day Saturday. I ended up in a sour mood and did not use my allotted points anyway. The plan was light breakfast, light lunch, bigger dinner, and several beers. Well I ended up drink about 3 beers and was done. I had 2 small glasses of the Boulevard Brewing Company's Long Strange Triple but then had a couple of Miller Lite's at the comedy club which I regretted. If I am going to drink I would prefer to drink a good beer. Regardless of the beer the point is I am fine with saving points but make sure that you get in your protein cause it will stick with you through the day and hopefully you wont end up in the mood I was in.

I am finding out so many interesting things about myself during this journey. I am learning about my body and how it reacts to different things. I am learning more and more about nutrition all the time. I am learning to make healthier food and make sure my son as having it as well. I have learned that the thing that the doctor said for all those years is right. Diet and exercise. They cannot be exclusive of one another. They have to be combined for optimal results. Diet alone will allow some loss but by I think those losses would continue to be less and less. By combining the to you create the calorie deficiency needed for weight loss. These may have all been things that I knew in the back of my head but now they are at the forefront. By living my life this way I intend to make the changes I have made in the past six weeks permanent. I may have pizza and beer for dinner one night but it will be right back at it the next day. Right now my thought is if I can have 5 to 6 times as many healthy days as I do pizza and beer days then I am in the right place. I cannot deprive myself of those things. They just have to be more controlled and less often.

I will be back on my Thursday schedule this week and then be moving to Tuesdays in march as it will fit my schedule better. So you all then!

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