Thursday, February 21, 2008

I can eat a double cheeseburger and large french fry in a 7 minutes

Just quick observation.

We have all heard it a hundred times. We eat too fast. And I was KING of eating fast. My routine prior to 4 weeks ago was to run to McDonald's and grab a double cheeseburger value meal, large sized with a Coke. Come back to work and eat my lunch in my car while listening to sports radio. I know it sounds pathetic, but I like my sports. The point is I made the food run and ate my food in about 20 minutes and had 10 to spare during lunch. Now the drive and picking up food took about 13 minutes. You do the math. That is 7 minutes to eat that value meal.

Now we know that is bad for you. You should not eat too fast. But how do you avoid it. I tried to will myself to eat more slowly but I am not successful. Even now I still eat some meals far to quickly, but the change I made at work as eating in with my friends. I end up taking half an hour to eat a salad and an apple. The reason. I am talking with my friends. So my advice to my tens of readers. Chat with your friends while you eat. Unless you have no manners at all you will end talking as much time as you are eating. And to those of you who have no manners, well you cannot be helped.

More tonight after weigh in.

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