Friday, February 22, 2008

"They" say eating right before bed makes you fat

So last night I got done with dinner only to find I had 9 pts left for the day. That is just not great. So I need to try to get more breakfast and lunch points. I also had this thought that you really should not eat 2 hours or so before bed because it would contribute to weight gain. You know "They" say that you should not neat before bed as it will make you gain weight. As it turns out what "They" are saying is when we snack at night it is normally chips and ice cream. The results find the calories make you fat no matter when you eat them. So stick to your plan and if you don't get to dinner until 9pm, don't worry quite as much about it. You can check out this article here for more information. So with all that said it does mention on the WW site that you should wake up and be hungry within 30 minutes. Which suggests that if you lay off the chips and dip that would probably be the case. So my plan it to try to eat slightly larger meals and continue with the fruits and veggies and try harder to eat more breakfast. As i mentioned in an earlier post breakfast just give you energy for the day.

I will see you all tomorrow with the new weight. Same Matt Blog Same Matt Channel

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