Monday, February 4, 2008

Super Bowl at my place

Did you see that catch? It was insane!

So my extraordinarily sexy girlfriend Carrie was in town and my friends Jay and Kelly came over for the super bowl. I kinda busted but still managed to so pretty good. We had a veggie tray, JalapeƱo popper dip, baked shrimp and chicken tacos with mango salsa. The dip was the killer, still weight watchers recipe but a serving size of 2 Tsp not half a cup. Oh well I didn't eat fried chicken with gravy.

So with the day gone I offer this piece of advice. If you are planing around an event such as the Super Bowl so you best to be the host. If you host then you control what is sitting out to eat. Even though I blew it yesterday I was only over by a few points, had we been at somewhere else I may have been over by many many more points.

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