Thursday, September 18, 2008

Breaking up your routine

So lets discuss for a moment breaks in your routine.  Tuesday I logged a 3.11 mile run, then yesterday I ran 2 miles.  I will tell you I planned to run 3 but I simply could not.  My legs were a bit sore and stiff going into the run yesterday and I was hoping after some stretching and running the legs would come around, but they did not.  I had to quit after 2 miles.  I am happy I got out but it really made me think about breaks in routine.

This break the I experienced was due to illness and bad weather.  Sure I could have run inside, but I didn't.  So after 7 full days off I ran on Tuesday.  The next day my legs were sending me a message.  Something like "Hey man it has been a while".  Then today after my run last night.  The legs are saying, "take a day off bro".  So after a week of inactivity my body had already started to slip.

I have noticed the same thing in weigh training.  I have not been to the gym for weight training in a couple of weeks.  I will not be able to do what I was doing before.  I am comfortable with that.

This morning I got to thinking about our diet and how when we get out of the routine how quickly our body becomes accustomed to the dealing with food higher in fat and calories.  And mentally how easy it becomes to justify the margaritas and chimichanga.  I guess this is just something I had not thought about much before this whole thing started.

I am not sure what to do about it other than to keep moving forward and try to avoid those "breaks" as much as possible.

On somewhat of a side note, I am switching my weigh in day to Thursdays.  I skipped a week and tonight I head back.  I have no clue what to expect tonight, but I am going to go with it and move forward. 


Anonymous said...

I recently returned from a couple week break in my lifting and cardio regimen and was SHOCKED AND HORRIFIED at how much strength I had lost in just a few weeks.

In a way, it was a good thing, because it's made me never want to take an extended, laziness-induced break again.

SuperDave said...

I'm dealing with the same problem here. I have lost all motivation to lose more weight. "When you get off the horse it so hard to get back on."
If I take a break in my running for more than 3 days,my body lets me know it.
Where is that "magic pill?"
I want 2!