Thursday, September 25, 2008

Training and a good running week so far

OK so Craig asked me what I had done to prepare for my upcoming 5k.  Well I would like to tell you that I used the Couch to 5K training program but I did not.  I used something more like this (click here).  And even that I did not stick to.  Basically I increased my distance as I felt comfortable.  When I first started I was able to run a single mile.  Over the course of about 5 weeks I increased up to the 3.11.  I did incorporate a 5 mile run one day but that was probably a mistake.  I am going to continue to run the 3.11 for the most part and try to get a long run in on the weekend.  Right now my pace is decent.  I am hoping for a sub 36 minute race.

I have also adopted schedule of sorts for my runs.  Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and  Wednesday are the 3.11 mile days.   Thursday and Saturdays are off, so that will leave the longer run for Friday.  Of course that would be best case.  As I mentioned before.  The goal is 12 miles a week.  Anything over that is gravy.