Monday, September 1, 2008

No weigh in and a progress photo

So I promised a weigh in Saturday to find out if I made my stated goal of less than 300 by the first Mizzou football game. While I am actually pretty confident that I made it I decided to not weigh in. The reason is quite simple really. While if I did not make my goal I would have been fine and I would have not been upset about it for a long time I would have been upset about it that day. That day was going to be a big party and had I by chance made it, the day would have been ruined for me. So I will weigh in this week, probably on Wednesday as I have plans on Tuesday. So i guess the lesson is that while goals may drive us we need to nake sure that those goals do not ruin our days.

So without any further ado:

at about 300

at about 350

ah yes this would be 400ish

Hope everyone had a great weekend.


Andrew is getting fit said...

Holy crap you've made great progress!

And good idea - sometimes you have to live life - don't let the weightloss get in the way of that.

new*me said...

Wow!!! That is one amazing progress picture! You look great! You must be so proud. Way to go Matt!

Greg said...

Terrific Attitude, Terrific Progress, Keep it Up!

HollyALP said...

You look fantastic! And good for you for putting life before the number... Something I should do a little more often.

TB--Milwaukee said...

Jaw dropping success! Congrats!

Diana said...

You look fantastic!! :)

Kathy said...

Matt! Look at you! You are the man!